Ireland is such an amazing country to visit that it can be difficult to try and decide where the vacationers could make the best use of their time, and gain the wonderful experiences that a visit here would allow for. Choosing the Burren County Clare would make for a great choice.

This site is dedicated to providing some information and insight about the County Clare including Burren County and the many villages that can be easily accessed here.

What makes this region so special is the diversity in what it possesses in regards to what is has to offer to those who visit here. It really is a location that encourages all walks of life to get outdoors and enjoy the gifts of nature. Several of the posts contained here highlight this.

Then there is the culture and heritage of Ireland that is so wonderfully depicted here in this county. For those that want to learn and enjoy the music and dance of Ireland this is a great place to do it.

This region is great for those that want to explore and have unforgettable adventures there is the castles, tombs and caves to provide these types of experiences.

When it comes to the culture the many forms of accommodations and the wonderful selection of restaurants and pubs found here provide many wonderful lessons filled with pleasure and enjoyment.

If there was ever a place throughout Ireland that is applicable for vacationers of any kind whether they are single, couples or family the County Clare has got to be it.

You should find the posts here to be interesting, informative and hopefully create a desire in you to explore this wonderful region.