Ireland is made up of numerous and different sized counties all of which have something special to offer anyone who wants to visit them. One of these is Burren County Clare. Within this region there are many different villages that are interesting and full of adventure.

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The Beautiful Burren County Clare Environment

For those who love getting close to nature then this county has it all. A “must see” will be The Burren so you can go back in time and see the effects of the Ice Age. For those who love flowers you will get to see what Ireland has to offer just by seeing this region alone.

The Intriguing Villages of Burren County Clare

You could spend your entire time here in the county just by spending a day at each of the Villages that are found here. These are comprised of Lisdoonvama, Corofin and Ballyvaughan. Then added to this list is Kinvara along with Tubber and Kilfenora.