There are so many places to go and interesting things to see and do once in Ireland, but visiting small counties like County Clare makes the vacation extra special. That’s where the Burren is.

Remember the name, as it’s synonymous with intriguing and unique landscape. While green lush forests are always something pleasant to see, what you are going to find here is just the opposite yet just as pleasing.

So What is The Burren?

The Burren is comprised of many different sized hills that are made up of limestone. The limestone forms a unusual pattern of cracks that criss-cross which are called grikes. As a result of this, rocks are separated into what are called clints. What the Burren looks like now is a result of the impact of the ice age.

The Floral Wonders of Burren

The Burren isn’t just all rock and limestone. Some of the most unusual plants reside here side by side – and yet, they are all originate from totally different environments. Ireland is well known for its grand collection of different plants and flowers, and three-quarters of all the different types of Irish plants can be found in this area.

The Amazing Wildlife

If you are quiet and careful you might come across some of the wonderful wild animal residing in this unique environment. This includes stoats and badgers as well as foxes. Then, if you venture over to Black Head, you may catch a glimpse of a few dolphins. If you happen to see a collection of animals off in the distance then it is most likely to be a herd of feral goats.

With all the natural wonders that County Clare has to offer such as the Burren, it is easy to assume that this would be a prime place for nature lovers to spend some time. It undoubtedly has the ability to offer some unique outdoor experiences: that’s why is visited more and more by tourists from all over the world.