County Clare as the name indicates is one of the counties found in the Mid-West region of Ireland and belongs to the province of Munster. Within this county is The Burren which is a unique stretch of land that provides a home to some of Ireland’s rare flowers. The things to see and do here is enough to keep vacationers busy no matter how long their stay is.

The Villages

One of the highlights of County Clare is the numerous small villages scattered throughout the county. They all have something of special interest to any member of the family. It is well worth planning at least a few days of the time spent here to visit a few of them. For many the big challenge comes with picking which ones they consider as a “must see.”

Enjoying What Nature Has to Offer

Even for those that don’t consider themselves to be the outdoors type this can dramatically change when visiting this region. There are not many that can resist visiting The Burren which is an attraction for those that want to see something wonderful and different in the world.

Then of course a trip to Ireland would not be complete without enjoying some of the most magnificent cliffs in the world. For those visiting the County Clare region it means taking the time to see the Cliffs of Moher.


Ireland as a whole is known for its music and dance. There will be plenty of this to take in where some of the villages really make this a highlight of their village.


The accommodation choices are plentiful. These consist of quality hotels that have all the amenities you could wish for. Then there are Bed and Breakfasts for those that just want a cozy place to lay their head at night and a good breakfast to start the day.

These are just a few of the many highlights that the County Clare has to offer.