While there are several villages that you will want to visit in Burren County Clare make sure that Ballyvaughan is one of these. It certainly is not heavily populated by any means but the villagers here are warm and welcoming. Ballyvaughan is one of the most favored villages to stay in for travelers. This is because of its central location being so close to all the attractions and things to see and do throughout the Burren County Clare.

Ballyvaughan is renowned as a picturesque harbor village as it is situated on the beautiful shores of the Southern sector of Galway Bay.

Your Comfort Needs are Met in Ballyvaughan

As a traveler, the first thing you are going to be concerned about is your accommodation. You will find that you have some great choices here that are comprised of quality Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and even small quaint cottages.

When it comes to looking after your cuisine any traveler here will be impressed with the food that can be consumed here. The atmosphere of the restaurants is in keeping with what Ireland as a whole is known for. Many hours of enjoyment and entertainment can be found in the pubs here who cater to the tourists.

For those gifts and souvenirs that you want to take back home with you, finding all that you need will be easy as there are plenty of shops to meet your shopping needs.

Ballyvaughan Sightseeing

Before venturing away from Ballyvaughan to other parts of Burren County make sure you do some sightseeing around this village. You will definitely want to have your picture taken in front of the Ballyvaughan signpost. This has been classed as one of the most favorite landmarks of the Village.

Activities in Ballyvaughan

As this is a harbor village you can imagine the type of water activities that you can enjoy here. These include boating and fishing, as well as scuba diving.