Another great village that makes up part of the Burren County Clare is Lisdoonvarna. This is renowned for being a “spa town”. What this means is that it has mineral springs and it has become a tourist region, especially for those that have an interest in what are considered to be healing springs. Visitors can take advantage of these through the world-renowned Spa Wells Health Center.

Aside from this big attraction, Kisoonvarna is a lively village that is fun and exciting to visit. During one specific time of year it is even more special than other times. This depends on the person of course. If you happening to be looking for a soul mate and someone to become special in your life, then you will want to be here in Lisdoonvarna during the matchmaking festival.

When it comes to festivals this is one that has become so popular that more than 40,000 hopefuls visit it each year. This is not something that is merely going to allow participation for a day or two. In fact, it’s a month-long event. So if this is going to be a highlight of your visit to the Burren County Clare region then you may want to plan on an extended visit.

At one time Lisdoonvarna was well known for its music festival but this no longer is an event that Lisdoonvarna holds.

When you are not enjoying the mineral springs or looking for the next love of your life then take some time out for sightseeing or a stroll along the Aille River which flows through the town. When hunger or thirst strikes you then you can partake in some of the fine cuisine here and enjoy what several of the pubs have to offer.

As a visitor to County Clare, there is no doubt that Lisdoonvarna is going to add to your wonderful experience of visiting the Burren County Clare region.