If you have set an itinerary to visit some of the villages of Burren County Clare, then one of these should be Corofin. The population is not comprised of much more than 675 villagers but the village is experiencing new growth.

Everyone that visits Burren County Clare has their own interests of what they want to see and do. Interestingly, each of the villages will have something especially appealing to the individual family members. For those that have a desire to try their hand at some fishing while in Ireland, then the County Clare is going to offer some great opportunities for this and it can begin in Corofin.

No matter whether you are a beginner or novice Angler you are going to find your fishing experience here to be a great one, even if you don’t land the catch of the day. Your challenge is going to be to land a plumb big trout.

After a fishing excursion, you are not going to want to leave this village until you have seen some of its points of interest. Again, as many of the other villages have there is some castle adventures to be had here. In this location, it will be the Dysert O’Dea Castle which has now become The Clare Archaeology Centre.

As Ireland is known for its many magnificent display of architectural crosses being able to see the High Cross here in Corofin is sure to please you. For some extra activity and exercise as well as a learning experience you may want to arrange for a guided tour that takes in the history trails that covers 25 amazing historical sites.

Perhaps you have decided that you would like to spend more time here in Corofin, and if so then you will find all the usual accommodations to meet your needs. If you are into the camping scene then you may enjoy a stay in a caravan.

You will get to enjoy the restaurants, shops and pubs here in Corofin just as you can in any of the other villages.